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Rainbow colours inside Brockville Tunnel.

Rainbow colours inside Brockville Tunnel.

You can explore an underground railway tunnel set up with a colourful light show and sound effects near Ottawa. The Brockville Railway Tunnel plans to be open for the full season this year, and it reopens on April 15.

Visiting Canada's first railway tunnel is a free event that starts near the St. Lawrence River and takes you to the downtown core. You'll experience a rainbow display underneath the city that changes as you go through.

The moving light path will be the same as in previous years, surrounding you with bright colours of blue, orange, red, purple and green. On special holidays the tunnel is lit up in specific colours. It will be red on Canada Day and orange on National Aboriginal Day, for example.

Musical sounds surround you as you wander through the underground light display. Every so often you will hear the sound of a train whistle and engine as if the train is passing right by.

The railway tunnel will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. through the summer until Thanksgiving Monday. The event is free for all to visit and donations are accepted. It's a half kilometre stretch and has wheelchair-accessible access at both entrances.

The Brockville Railway Tunnel

Price: Free (Donations accepted)

When: Reopens April 15, 2022

Address: 1 Block House Island Rd., Brockville, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can wander a piece of history with a modern twist of lights and sounds. It's just over an hour from the city of Ottawa and free to visit.


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