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This Cute Apple Orchard In Ontario Has 33 Acres Of Trees & Giant Spiced Churros

They have pumpkins too in the fall.🍏🎃

Picking an apple from an orchard tree. Right: Sweet fluffy churros from Log Cabin Orchard.

Picking an apple from an orchard tree. Right: Sweet fluffy churros from Log Cabin Orchard.

Staff Writer

Apple season is fast approaching and you can start dreaming about cider, crumbles, pies and other autumn desserts. There are a ton of Ontario apple orchards where you can pick fresh fruit but this one near Ottawa has cozy fire pits and sweet churros.

Log Cabin Orchard opens on August 27 and you'll be able to go apple picking through the month of September. Both admission and parking are free.

You can stroll through 33 acres of apple trees as you search for the sweetest ones and then grab some tasty treats. There are also pre-picked apples for sale.

On weekends you can treat yourself to giant churros, candy apples and hot apple cider. You can enjoy these sweet eats by a toasty bonfire.

You'll find a bunch of different apple varieties throughout the season including Paula Red (one of the first to be ready to pick), McIntosh, Lobo, Honeycrisp and Liberty apples, among others.

The orchard is named for the historic log cabin sitting on the property that was the homestead of an Irish immigrant that settled in the 1840s. Now the building is a quaint farm shop selling decor and apple treats.

Entrance is free and they accept cash only for bags of apples, food and drinks. Come October you can hunt for the perfect Halloween pumpkin and Christmas trees in November. The exact dates are to be announced.

Log Cabin Orchard

Price: Free admission

When: Opens for the season on August 27, 2022

Address: 6121 Cabin Rd., Osgoode, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can add some sweetness to your fall apple picking and eat big fluffy churros next to a bonfire.


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