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8 Charming Apple Orchards Around Ottawa That Will Thrill You To Your Core This Season

Many are already open!🍏

Girl drinking cider in an apple orchard. Right: Picking apples from an orchard near Ottawa.

Girl drinking cider in an apple orchard. Right: Picking apples from an orchard near Ottawa.

Staff Writer

Autumn is just around the corner and that means apple season is coming in hot as the weather slowly begins to cool.

There are a number of orchards around Ottawa where you can pick crisp apples and usually enjoy farm activities and freshly made treats as well.

Pull your plaid out of your closet because it's time to go apple picking. Here are eight orchards around the city where you can start checking off fall activities.

Cannamore Orchard

Price: $25 for a 10-lb apple bag, $13 admission for activities

When: Open now for the season

Address: 1480 County Rd. 32, Crysler, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can walk through a picturesque orchard and pick from a variety of appls as well as visit on weekends for family fun activities. There is a giant hedge maze, pedal cars, a covered wagon, a cow train and a chip truck offering snacks.

Tickets for the Halloween Acres of Terror event go on sale on September 1, 2022.


Mountain Orchards

Price: Free admission, $27.50 for an 11-pound apple bag

When: Open August 27, 2022

Address: 10175 Clark Rd., Mountain ON

Why You Need To Go: After filling your bag with crisp apples, you can enjoy a number of farm activities and sweet treats. There are wagon rides, forest trails, an outdoor playground, and a corn maze to play in all afternoon. The farm store sells cider, apple chips and pastries and you can grab hotdogs from a BBQ stand on weekends.


Log Cabin Orchard

Price: Free admission

When: Open August 27, 2022

Address: 6121 Cabin Rd., Osgoode, ON

Why You Need To Go: This historic 33-acre orchard has tons of trees where you can pick apples plus giant churros you can enjoy next to a cozy bonfire. There are other treats like hot cider and candy apples and a farm store where you can buy these desserts along with home gifts.


AppleStock Orchard

Price: Priced per pound (to be determined for this season)

When: Open September 3, 2022

Address: 1341 Merkley Rd., Winchester, ON

Why You Need To Go: These orchard trees are "absolutely loaded" with apples this year according to the farm. It has a relaxed atmosphere and wide rows with tall trees so there's lots of space to spend your time picking. There are also food items like honey and pressed cider for sale.


Ferme L'Artisan

Price: Apple prices vary

When: Open August 27, 2022

Address: 3932 Ch. Concession 14 Rd., Fournier, ON

Why You Need To Go: This farm east of Ottawa has an orchard where you can pick from eight different varieties of apples and a pumpkin patch opening by October. The farm shop sells products made on the farm including fresh cider, apple cider donuts and gelato.


Verger Croque Pomme

Price: Cost by pound differs based on the amount and variety (subject to change)

When: Open since August 11, 2022

Address: 20 Mnt. Berndt, Thurso, QC J0X 3B0

Why You Need To Go: You can pick fresh fruit including apples (from August through September) and pumpkins later in September at this Quebec orchard. You can enjoy farm activities like tractor rides, a playground and cider tastings and shop artisanal products from jelly to sparkling cider.


McGregor's Orchard

Price: $15 per small bag of apples, $26 for a large bag

When: August 31, 2022

Address: 704 Clifford Sideroad, Renfrew, ON

Why You Need To Go: Not only can you pick your own apples at this family-owned orchard but also bouquets of zinnias, walk through a sunflower field and buy goods from the orchard store. Enjoy the walking path around the field or sit at a picnic table to admire the view.


Pinewood Orchards

Price: Apples priced per bag

When: Open Labour Day weekend

Address: 101 Herzberg Rd., Kanata, ON

Why You Need To Go: This quaint orchard is only 20 minutes from Ottawa's downtown and has mature apple trees up to 75 years old. There are other types of produce grown as well which are sold at the barn shop and a market stand on Carling Avenue. Only cash and debit payments are accepted.


Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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