This Easy Hiking Trail Near Ottawa Has Wooden Boardwalks, Stone Buildings & Grassy Fields

Pass a historic mill over a rushing river.

Mill of Kintail stone building. Right: Hiking on boardwalk bridge over the Indian River.
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Mill of Kintail stone building. Right: Hiking on boardwalk bridge over the Indian River.

For those looking for a flat trail to hike that isn't boring, we have you covered. Not far from the city of Ottawa, there is a network of easy walking trails featuring forests, fields, boardwalk bridges, a rushing river and historic stone ruins.

Don't overlook Mill of Kintail Conservation Area when you're planning a hike near Ottawa. There is more than meets the eye, and this hiking area will transport you to a storybook world, immersing you in history. Lace-up your shoes and head to the quaint town of Almonte.

This conservation area is open year-round for hiking so you can enjoy the differing views in every season. There are about six kilometres of trails that wind through the forest and fields. They are connected and loop around so you can make your nature walk longer or shorter. Trails are colour coded on the map on site, and easy to navigate.

You can hit the trails from the parking lot and follow the Indian River, or you can choose to follow the road to the area with a play structure, small outdoor chapel and pioneer cabin. You then cross the river via a wooden boardwalk bridge that is right next to the Mill, making it the perfect spot to take photos before continuing on the trails.

In addition to the nature trails, you'll find information plaques and museums where you can learn more about key historic figures from the area including the founder of basketball, James Naismith. Even on days when the museum is closed, you can admire the stone buildings, which make a lovely backdrop as you picnic in the sun. The museum is seasonal and closed during the winter.

Mill of Kintail

Price: $6 per vehicle

Address: 2854 Ramsay Concession 8, Almonte, ON

Why You Need To Go: This underrated hiking trail near Ottawa is full of pretty views and historical points of interest. Plus, it's open year-round and close to small-town shopping in Almonte.


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