Summer has come and gone and it's now the season of pumpkins and leaves changing colours. You can get a beautiful view of the latter at this Ontario house for sale. It offers great opportunities to take in the sights of fall, and it's cheaper than buying a condo in Toronto.

The property located at 3067 Daniels Ln. in Coldwater, Ontario is a little piece of lakeside paradise.

With two bedrooms and one bath, it would be perfect as either a cozy getaway or a quiet, secluded home.

Sitting right on the shore of MacLean Lake, you'll be able to breathe in the fresh air and bask in the quiet solitude of nature.

The house includes its own dock, so if you have a boat and like to get out on the water, you're all set.

With so many trees surrounding the place, the fall season is sure to look like a leafy fireworks show.

You have the option of taking in those spectacular views from the outdoor deck, the lakeside sitting area, or the enclosed seasonal room, which is what really makes this place special.

The indoor space is surrounded by windows, giving you a panoramic view of the outdoors while keeping you sheltered from the cool evening temperatures.

Inside the house, the kitchen has been fully renovated and includes modern appliances such as a stainless steel gas stove with range hood and a dishwasher.

Other upgrades to the home include new insulation and wood blinds, plus reclaimed wood-inspired ceiling panels and updates to the bathroom.

At $589,900, this peaceful spot will run you less than a Toronto condo, the average price of which is now $661,458, or approximately 22 years of rent.

Plus, you wouldn't be able to get these kinds of views in the middle of the city!

Lakeside House With Fall Views

Price: $589,900

Address: 3067 Daniels Ln., Coldwater, ON

Description: Take in the colours of autumn from inside or outside at this peaceful waterfront home!

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