Ryan Reynolds Got A Governor General's Award & The Tribute Brought Him To Tears

He said he wasn't crying and it was "just maple syrup." 🍁

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Ryan Reynolds Got A Governor General's Award & The Tribute Brought Him To Tears

In what might be one of the most touching Canadian moments ever, Ryan Reynolds received a Governor General's Performing Arts Award and he was brought to tears by the tribute.

Reynolds posted on social media about how he was honoured by the award and shared a clip of himself watching the video tribute. "I'm not crying. It's just maple syrup," he joked in the caption.

After receiving a medal as part of the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards, the Canadian actor was shown a video of Steven Page, co-founder of Barenaked Ladies, performing a song about how Canada loves him and has his back.

It also featured cameos from William Shatner, former Vancouver Canucks players and people from the organizations Reynolds supports, including Food Banks Canada and the SickKids Foundation.

After the video finished, he placed his hand on his chest right over his heart and took off his glasses to wipe away his tears.

"I'm glad I don't have to be dead to experience something like this. I'm so beyond touched right now," Reynolds said about the honour on Twitter.

He received the 2021 National Arts Centre Award as part of the Governor General's Awards this year, which recognizes extraordinary and significant work in the performing arts during the past performance year.

Reynolds has never been quiet about his Canadian roots and has shown his love for Canada countless times including recently when he donated to help people affected by the floods in his "home of B.C."

He even said he'd play the next James Bond if people wouldn't mind having a Canadian in the role!

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