Ryan Reynolds On The Lesson He Teaches His Kids & Why His New Movie Was 'Obscenely' Scary

He says his film with Will Ferrell is a "completely different animal and beast" than he's used to.

Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds opened up about just how difficult it was to shoot his new film Spirited with Will Ferrell and explained how his philosophy around it is something he tries to impart to his three girls.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the Canadian celeb shared how hard it was to tackle singing and dancing, which is not something he's used to doing in movies.

"It was super-exciting to take on something that was obscenely challenging and scary,” Reynolds shared. "And I don’t think I would’ve done this 10 or 15 years ago, or even five years ago, necessarily."

He explained that he's now at a place where he's comfortable with "not being great at something right away."

"It’s very hard to get even adequate at something unless you’re willing to be terrible at it first," the actor said. "That’s something I always tell my kids: Never waste your mistakes because your mistakes are what kind of teach you how to be better at something."

Unlike other movies where he's comfortable learning a fight sequence "in almost record time," Reynolds said that on Spirited he felt out of his depth.

"But a dance number is just such a completely different animal and beast," he explained. "And I was excited to try something that was somewhat terrifying and out of my league.”

After wrapping the film, Reynolds took a sabbatical to stay at home and be a more present father to his three girls, so he likely had time to recover from all of the challenges that came with the movie.

He won't be able to rest up for too long, though — he and his wife Blake Lively have a fourth child on the way, which is another challenge unto itself!

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