Ryan Reynolds Shared His 'Fondest Christmas Memories' From Canada & They're Kind Of Violent

"If you ask the seven-year-old Canadian Ryan Reynolds growing up in Vancouver..."

Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds recently reflected back on his younger years while growing up in Canada and it's just a tad bit concerning.

Earlier in December, the Deadpool star chatted with Australian publication 9Honeyabout his new Christmas movie, Spirited, and some of his own memories of the holiday as a kid.

"Growing up, my fondest Christmas memories is we'd get snow in Vancouver sometimes and being out there with my brothers just quite literally trying to murder each other with frozen water was some of my fondest memories," Reynolds shared.

"I'm the youngest of four boys," he continued. "So I was often more of a moving target than I was a brother. But it was all love."

While Reynolds grew up with all brothers, he and his wife Blake Lively have three daughters and are currently expecting their fourth child, whose gender has not been revealed as yet.

"Christmas, for me, as corny as it sounds, it's always about being with family," he explained. "My kids, we live in New York City. So we get to do all these amazing things. We get to see the Nutcracker in the Lincoln Center."

For Reynolds, it's a far cry from his upbringing north of the U.S. border.

"I mean, the stuff that's truly magical that, you know, if you ask the seven-year-old Canadian Ryan Reynolds growing up in Vancouver that I would one day get to experience those things with my kids, I wouldn't believe it," he said. "So that's the part that I love the most."

Although he may live in the U.S. now, Lively recently shared that some of her husband's "stunning qualities," such as his philanthropy, humour and integrity come from his Canadian background and are part of his DNA.

"And that DNA is distinctly Canadian, spun one magical night in 1976 between the bedsheets of Jim and Tammy Reynolds," Lively said of her in-laws.

Hey, everyone starts from somewhere!

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