Fans Think Taylor Swift Revealed The Name Of Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Fourth Child

You're On Your Own, Kid. 🎵

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively. Right: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively. Right: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Taylor Swift may have just leaked the baby name of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's fourth child, and the internet is all over it.

After the release of the singer's Midnights album, TikTok and Twitter lit up with speculation that the name "Daisy Mae," which is featured in the song "You're On Your Own, Kid," is actually the name of the couple's upcoming baby.

In the song, Swift sings, "I see the great escape, so long Daisy Mae/ I picked the petals, he loves me not."

Given that Swift has name-dropped Reynolds and Lively's three daughters James, Betty and Inez in her previous albums, it led to speculation that it could be the proposed baby name.

"I love coming to Twitter to confirm things like — yes other people also think Daisy May/Mae is the name of Blake Lively’s baby," wrote one person.

Over on TikTok, one user thought it could be a variety of different words Swift dropped in her new songs.

"Okay I know I'm the problem but what I REALLY want to know is what do we think Blake Lively is going to name her next kid based off this album," one user wrote. "Lavender? Violet? Daisy May? Paris? Maroon/Scarlet/Burgundy? Vigilante? Glitch? Mastermind? Karma?"


What do we think swifties? #taylorswift #blakelively #midnights #antihero #foryou

Lively announced her exciting news back in September when she shared a carousel of photos on her Insta featuring her growing bump.

In one photo, she and her pal Swift shared a hug while, in another, she posed next to her hubby, who was wearing a Deadpool outfit.

While Reynolds and Lively haven't said anything about the gender of the baby, let alone its name, in just a few months, we'll find out if the internet was right about Daisy Mae!

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