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A Surge Of Summer-Like Heat Is Hanging Over The Prairies RN & You Won’t Believe The Highs

Seriously, don't put away your shorts just yet.

Staff Writer
A Surge Of Summer-Like Heat Is Hanging Over The Prairies RN & You Won’t Believe The Highs

While we're now officially into the fall season, out in Canada's Prairie provinces it's still looking a lot like summer.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), while B.C. has been dealing with some majorly wet weather, it's been helping to "amplify the high pressure further eastwards," bringing lots of heat to Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

"And though this heat will not be as dangerous as a mid-summer heat wave, the departures from normal will be quite impressive," said Michael Carter, a meteorologist at TWN. "Many locations will be 15 degrees or more warmer than typical for this time of year."

On Monday, September 27, several places in Southern Saskatchewan reached 30 C, with a tiny town called Yellow Grass even reaching a whopping 31.6 C.

It's forecasted that daytime highs in the Prairies will continue to soar into the low 30s for the last few days of September, with some major cities including Regina, Yorkton, and Winnipeg expected to break existing temperature records with new daytime highs.

"To put it in perspective, the same anomaly would produce temperatures in the low 40s if it occurred in the peak of summer," Carter said.

This comes at a time of year where the areas usually see chillier fall days with a threat of morning frost, but in Southwest Manitoba, the overnight low temperatures have even stayed above 20 C.

However, there is some good news for those who prefer cooler weather. TWN is predicting that the extreme heat will be short-lived, but temperatures are still expected to remain above normal into the weekend.

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