It's no surprise that people have been ordering delivery more often this year but a Canadian used SkipTheDishes over 900 times in 2020 and that's an order for almost every single meal.

The food delivery service, which is headquartered in Winnipeg, shared statistics with Narcity, and people across the country were in an ordering frenzy this year.

Alberta gets the honour of being where the most orders placed by a single person in Canada was for 2020.

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962 most orders placed by one person in Canada

That person ordered with SkipTheDishes 962 times!

Someone in Manitoba was close behind with 958 orders this year and a Canadian in Saskatchewan was next with 900.

After that, there's a significant drop-off with 759 orders placed by one person in B.C., 743 in Ontario and 604 in the Maritimes.

Quebec is in the last place of all the provinces with someone ordering just 430 times.

However, that's still a lot of delivery.

When it comes to the most expensive order with the delivery service, it also happened in Alberta but, at $900, it still wasn't enough to beat the biggest order with DoorDash.