The Raptors are finally revealing where they stand on the Masai Ujiri shoving. The team threw their support behind the president this week after new footage appeared to prove Ujiri was the victim in the altercation. The team held nothing back in their remarks, with some going as far as to claim the system itself is rigged against them.

Earlier this week, new bodycam video of the incident appears to show deputy Allan Strickland stopping Ujiri with his arm before shoving him multiple times.

The 50-year-old was attempting to make his way on-court to celebrate with the Raptors, who had just become the NBA champions.

Since this new footage has appeared online, the Raptors are speaking out about what they think about the situation, and they aren't holding back. 

"Obviously we ride with Masai, and we all have his back, and we had it from Day 1," Fred VanVleet said according to Yahoo Sports.

"Because you see how quick things can get ugly just by somebody's word or one bad cop or a bunch of bad cops."

"The system is kind of crooked, it's not designed for us, so it's tough, it's emotional stuff, and obviously we all have his back, and I hope that things get resolved, and we're able to get justice for him," he added.

However, VanVleet isn't the only one sharing his thoughts. Normal Powell also spoke out, calling for justice. 

"I'm glad we were able to get to the real bottom line, and everyone can see what really happened," Norman Powell told reporters.

"It's exactly what we're fighting for, for justice to be served for those cops who are taking the law a little bit into their own hands unnecessarily." 

Despite the new footage, Alameda County Sheriff's Office remains unconvinced.

The California office still insists that the Ujiri was "the aggressor" in the infamous 2019 incident.

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