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Entering into your late 20s can be a difficult transition for anyone. It's a time when you need to get your life in order or, at the very least, become an Ontario lottery winner.

According to OLG, Shai Minaker, a resident of Omemee, won an astonishing $100,000 top prize after receiving an Instant Crossword Tripler as a Christmas gift.

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While winning the lottery just one time is a dream that many people will hang on to for their entire lives, one man is clearly luckier than just about any of us.

An Ontario lottery winner is celebrating not one, but two wins — having scored big in a Lotto Max draw and again after matching all seven Encore numbers with Lotto Max.

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A Greater Toronto Area family is proving there's strength in numbers after several of its members won a Lotto Max prize worth over $60,000.

According to OLG, a group of 12, all of whom are related, won an incredible $64,549.90 after winning the second place prize in Lotto Max's February 4, 2022 draw.

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