Ex-NFL Star Antonio Brown Is So Salty About Tom Brady & Ripped His Old Teammate On Twitter

Brady fans immediately came to the player's defense.

Antonio Brown on a yoga mat. Right: Tom Brady smiling in a screenshot taken from a video on Instagram.
Florida Associate Editor

Antonio Brown on a yoga mat. Right: Tom Brady smiling in a screenshot taken from a video on Instagram.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player turned rap star, Antonio Brown is known for his many controversies on the field, and even though he's not with the NFL anymore, he's still stirring the pot off the field.

The music artist was roasting his ex-teammate, Tom Brady, who recently took a short leave of absence for two weeks. People suspected it was for work/life balance, but Brown feels slighted by this decision.

"Tom brady manipulate the game gets 14 days go home get his mind rt lol," he wrote on Twitter. "Now u see the difference".

The rapper is referring to the recent League's investigation with Miami Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, in alleged talks with Brady to join the South Florida team.

"Put that S*t on," he continued to write. It's a phrase he's coined in a recent trend from his Rolling Loud performance that went viral.

The Buccaneer's Quarterback's fans came to his side immediately.

"You talking about the same guy that let you live in his house? The same guy that vouched for you when no other team wanted you? Look at you now. You won’t sniff an NFL locker room again. Sad," one user replied.

Someone else said it's "corny" to go after a man that won the Super Bowl with him.

In fact, it seems the two used to be pretty close when they played together. Brown has plenty of photos on Instagram with Brady from their time together on the Bucs.

In this post, he even called him "big bro", wishing his former teammate congratulations.

No matter what the music industry breakout has to say about the Quarterback, he still is on leave as approved by Coach Todd Bowles.

Brady returns after the game against the Tennessee Titans.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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