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Tom Brady Wants A 'Work/Life' Balance & Fans Are Confused On His Leave For A Personal Matter

The Tampa Bay Buccs knew this was coming.

Florida Associate Editor
A screenshot of Tom Brady. Right: Tom Brady on a movie set.

A screenshot of Tom Brady. Right: Tom Brady on a movie set.

Tom Brady is one of those players who constantly has people wondering about his next move. He decided in May to come back to the NFL as an athlete for his Tampa Bay team after scaring fans that he was going to retire.

Now, he's on a planned leave of absence for nine days during training camp for a personal matter and everyone seems to be so confused. He'll return on August 20.

The Buccaneers' coach, Todd Bowles, said this was discussed in advance and he trusts Brady, as "this is something he needs to handle."

On the Pat McAfee show, the host had Sportswriter and TV Analyst for the league, Ian Rapoport, discuss what this "personal matter" is.

"The best description I got about this, it is important to find a work/life balance," Rapoport said. He explains that Brady wasn't going to be playing in the games he missing anyways.

However, some football lovers are over Brady's wishy-washy attendance.

"Tom Brady is literally the only player in NFL history that could get away with that. And because he's Tom Brady, he'll come back and won't miss a beat," one person replied to the clip on Twitter.

The show talent continued to talk about it possible being a happy family occasion that he had to be there for. Many agreed and mentioned that his kids are getting to be in high school where he might be going to their sports outings.

Coach Bowles said he won't be back until after the game against the Tennessee Titans.

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