The Royal Canadian Mint Is Releasing A Coin Collection Honouring Queen Elizabeth II (PHOTOS)

It's a "thank you and farewell" to the late monarch.

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Queen Elizabeth II on a coin. Right: Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II on a coin. Right: Queen Elizabeth II.

To honour the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Canadian Mint has announced they will be releasing a new collection of Canadian coins in celebration of "the extraordinary life and reign" of the late monarch.

According to the Mint, two items from the "dazzling collection of precious metal coins" are currently available for purchase by the public.

While they cannot be used as Canadian currency, the "2022 $5 Fine Silver Coin – A Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II," which is the first item issued in the collection, and the "2022 $2 Special Wrap Roll – Honouring Queen Elizabeth II" will make for very pretty collector's items.

The other coins in the collection of silver, gold and platinum items will be released over the course of 2023 and will take a look back at the past 70 years of the queen's reign.

"The passing of Queen Elizabeth II is a pivotal event that the Mint is acknowledging with dignity and respect," said president and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, Marie Lemay. "Our numismatic collection honouring her historic reign is both our thank you and farewell to the late Queen(sic) for her unwavering years of service."

In terms of what's happening to our actual currency now that King Charles III is Canada's official monarch, the Mint shared back in September that they are working with the federal government to transition coins as per "royal succession protocols."

While the Mint has told Narcity that future designs of coins belong solely to the feds, Ryan Reynolds had a pretty good suggestion for who should go on any new coins we mint: Canadian actor and legend John Candy.

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