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The Wendy's Mascot Has Gone Grey To Support Lisa LaFlamme & Got Real About Hair Colour

No more red pigtails!

Lisa LaFlamme reporting for CTV News. Right: The Wendy's mascot with grey hair.

Lisa LaFlamme reporting for CTV News. Right: The Wendy's mascot with grey hair.


With the news of Lisa LaFlamme being ousted from CTV after her 35-year tenure at the news organization, the outrage among Canadians has been real.

In perhaps an unexpected show of support, Wendy's Canada is also backing LaFlamme.

The company's mascot, who famously rocks red pigtails, recently let her hair go grey and she looks fabulous.

"Because a [star] is a [star] regardless of hair colour. #LisaLaFlamme #NewProfilePic," the company tweeted on Thursday, August 25.

Twitter users were quick to praise the company's show of solidarity.

"@LisaLaFlamme_ will love this ! She's a great news anchor," one person tweeted.

"She’s awesome and deserves all the [flowers]," responded Wendy's Canada.

Wendy's Canada isn't the only company supporting LaFlamme this week.

On Monday, August 22, Dove posted a video about their #KeepTheGrey campaign on their social media platforms where they asked people to use a greyscale on their profile picture.

While the company did not outright name LaFlamme, the implication that the movement is related to her is pretty strong.

"Women with grey hair are being edged out of the workplace," said the ad, noting that aging is beautiful. "So Dove is going grey. Together we can support women aging beautifully on their own terms."

They also say that aging should be done on one's own terms and "without any consequences."

"That’s why we’re going grey, and donating $100,000 to Catalyst – a Canadian nonprofit organization dedicated to helping build inclusive workplaces for all women."

Last week, Bell Media released a statement regarding LaFlamme and said that an internal workplace review of the newsroom would be conducted in the coming weeks.

"CTV regrets that the way in which the news of her departure has been communicated may have left viewers with the wrong impression about how CTV regards Lisa and her remarkable career," they wrote.

This article's cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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