This Is Why November Is Far & Away The Worst Month In Canada

All in favour of scrapping November and staying in bed, say aye. 🥶

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This Is Why November Is Far & Away The Worst Month In Canada

It's only when your Halloween hangover (sugar and alcohol) finally leaves you do you realize the true horror has begun — November is here.

Everyone has a favourite and least-favourite time of year, but I think it's hard to argue that November is by far the most unpleasant month out of any in Canada. The fun memories of summer have definitely faded, and we're still a cold, damp month away from any holiday fun.

You'll definitely agree, too, when you read these five reasons why we should consider getting rid of November altogether and staying in bed for all 30 days.

The Weather Is Miserable

Canadian winter weather is typically pretty miserable, whether it's November or March, but there's something special about the first month of awful weather that really makes it feel that much worse.

The rain, the sleet, the clouds, the cold — forget every fond sunny and warm memory you made this summer because the next four weeks are about to banish them from your freezing mind.

It's Impossible To Get Out Of Bed

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Even with daylight saving time approaching, it feels like each day has about three hours of sunlight and that's it. When you combine the dark, dismal nights with the dark, freezing mornings, it's basically impossible to get out of bed and face the day.

This means everyone's walking around like a zombie, feeling dazed, confused and tired as hell. What a great way to spend the month, eh?

The Creepiest Month (In A Bad Way)

October is a spooky month, but November is just plain creepy. The fun, jaunty Halloween decorations are gone and the pumpkins have started rotting, which means that the horror vibes are in full swing. The fog has started creeping in in the mornings, too, and the dying trees start to look like something straight out of the Evil Dead films.

The Stressful Time Of Year Is Starting

Final exams, holiday shopping, planning trips, performance reviews at work — there's so much stress on the horizon in Canada and you get to experience it all throughout November.

Without anything fun to look forward to in the month (we'll get to that in a second), it leaves all the more time to spend your 30 days fretting about what's to come. It's a stress month! Stress months suck!

The Holiday Chasm

October has Halloween, December has Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa, and New Year's Eve — what does November have? A holiday chasm, that's what.

The last of the Halloween candy has been eaten now, which means you'd need to really start getting into Christmas early to try and make the month feel festive in some way. But even then, you'll be waiting for a while!

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