TikToker Claims Toronto Police Said Her Call Wasn't A 'Priority' If No One Was Shot Or Stabbed

She called three times for an intruder and no one showed up.

Toronto Staff Writer
Sahar Barghian. Right: Video footage of intruder.

Sahar Barghian Right: Video footage of intruder.

saharoliviabarghi | TikTok, Courtesy of Sahar Barghian

TikToker Sahar Barghian claims that Toronto Police Service (TPS) did not respond in person to her three 911 calls for an intruder on her property and told her that if no one had been shot or stabbed it wasn't a priority.

In a now-viral TikTok, the 24-year-old said a 911 operator told her to email Mayor John Tory to discuss why police had not shown up at her home after officers still hadn't arrived 40 minutes after her initial 911 call.

"This officer told me to call the mayor because we're low on staff, and it's the mayor's fault that they can't accommodate us," Barghian said in the TikTok.

The following video has strong language which may be offensive to some viewers.


HAS ANYONE ELSE DEALT WITH THE SAME THING WHEN DEALING WITH TORONTO POLICE? PSA: EVERYONE IN TORONTO PLEASE WATCH YOUR SURROUNDINGS BEFORE ENTERING YOUR HOME. LAST NIGHT AROUND 8pm -9:30 pm we had an intruder ( he also had more people assisting and aiding him) attempt to break into our home while we were present. He was outside our home for an hour and a half waiting for someone to open the gates so he and his team can carjack and invade our home. How we realized this? My father without knowing tried to leave his home while this male attempted to make his way inside our house. The intruder used an obvious tactic which was telling my father he knows someone who lives here while the intruder was giving signs for his team to come and attack. My father immediately feels unsettled and tells him he will call the cops. They decided to leave but they come back. EVERYONE PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED AND DO NOT FALL FOR THESE TATICS. TORONTO is not safe anymore. You cant have even feel safe in your own home. Its sad how corrupted the government is. We are the only ones that can protect ourselves. #toronto #torontolife #torontocrimestories #safety #torontosafety #staysafe #intruder #dangerous #carjackings #torontopolice #torontopoliceservice #torontotiktok #canada #mayortory #6ixbuzz #6ix #fyp #canada #canadian #canadianstorytime #torontosafety #repost #pleasebesafe

"During an emergency, right, the excuse you're going to get from an officer is that it's because of the mayor you can't get what you need," said Barghian.

"The third phone call, which was two hours or three hours after the incident, you know what the cop told me? The cop was like because the intruder didn't stab or shoot you, you're not considered a priority."

The incident

Barghian told Narcity that two cars had parked on the street of her family home in North York on December 5, and a man had left one of the vehicles to stake out their home.

"He first stands for 15 minutes across our home where the trees are, and then he makes his way to the front where he sits down for an hour and a half."

Intruder sitting outide of the house gate.Intruder sitting outide of the house gate.Courtesy of Sahar Barghian

When her father went to leave their home at around 8:45 p.m. and opened the gate, he noticed the man standing on their property.

Barghian said he also spotted two cars flashing their lights toward the house repeatedly. So he got out of his car and asked the man why he was there, to which he replied, "I'm looking for Daniel."

"My father was like, 'There's no Daniel here,' and he said, 'Yes, there is. I'm coming in.'"

Intruder standing in the driveway.Intruder standing in the driveway.Courtesy of Sahar Barghian

Barghian said her dad pulled out his phone and threatened to call the cops until the man left the property.

However, once her dad had closed the gate and went back inside, she said their surveillance cameras captured footage of the man back in front of the gate and that, over time, he made two attempts to hop over it.

Once her dad told her what had happened, her family called the police just after 9 p.m.

"When we called, we told him [the 911 operator] that there was an intruder outside [...] so you guys need to come here because we don't know if he's armed and he's making his way to the front," she said.

"When we told them that, they said they were on their way and to please lock your doors and stay inside because he could be armed and potentially hurt all of us."

Barghian said after 15 minutes, they began to feel worried when the police hadn't arrived.

At 9:56 p.m., her family made another call.

On the second call, Barghian said that the operator told them they would have to email the mayor because the delay was his fault.

Barghian said the officer explained that TPS is low on staff due to cost-cutting and therefore not able to accommodate them as soon as possible.

"So instead of them telling us at first that they're dealing with another situation, they instantly said to contact the mayor and your councillor."

Barghian said the suggestion was "absolutely mind-boggling," as they were scared for their lives.

About an hour later, the intruder came back onto the camera, and Barghian said they called the police again at 10:57 p.m.

"They told us that since the intruder has not harmed you with a weapon by stabbing you or shooting, you are not considered a priority," she said.

That evening her family took TPS's advice and emailed Tory and their city councillor.

The next day

After a sleepless night, Barghian said she visited the local police station in person where an officer once again cited staffing issues as the reason why police had not attended her home 24 hours after her first call.

Upon her return home, she said her family received a call from the police saying they had now received multiple reports of the same incident in their neighbourhood.

The city & police response

TPS officer Sean Shapiro has since stitched her viral TikTok video.

"Hi, my name is Sean Shapiro from the Toronto Police Service, and we saw your video and were very concerned. We’d love for the opportunity to speak with you further and get more information," said Shapiro.

"We encourage anyone who is dissatisfied with the conduct of a member of the Toronto Police Service to reach out to a supervisor to discuss those concerns."


We saw a video available here@Sahar Olivia Barghian regarding their experience with the @torontopolice service. We are concerned by the information in the video and invite them to contact us so we can get more information. We encourage anyone who is dissatisfied with the conduct of a member of the #Toronto #Police service to reach out to a supervisor to discuss their concerns.

A TPS spokesperson told Narcity they have seen the video and are "very concerned."

"We’ve been in contact with her to discuss this and are reviewing the matter."

Tory's office responded to the email Barghian's family had sent and said they will be forwarding it to the chief of police and asking that they connect with them further on the issue.

"Thank you for contacting the Office of the Mayor and for bringing this matter to our attention. We are sorry to hear about your scary and frustrating experience," reads the email.

"I feel uneasy," said Barghian. "It kind of gives me the feeling that we're in America."

"I just want things to change. They should definitely increase staff. They should definitely look again at what their protocols are and re-evaluate what their mission and values are for us citizens."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Brooke Houghton
Toronto Staff Writer
Brooke Houghton is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Ontario Desk focused on celebrity news and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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