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A Tim Hortons Employee Made A Sweater Vest Donut To Honour One Province's Top Doctor

This comes after people protested at his home.
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Tim Hortons Donut Was Made To Look Like A Sweater Vest To Honour One Province's Top Doctor

A Tim Hortons donut was created that looks like a sweater vest and it's to honour one province's top doctor.

Dr. Saqib Shahab, Saskatchewan's chief medical officer of health, had his famous outfit turned into a sweet treat by one employee at a Tim Hortons in the province.

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Tim Hortons Regina tweeted photos of the donut and Dr. Shahab wearing the sweater vest that inspired the dessert.

Red, a production team member at a location in the city, designed the sweet treat and it's a pretty spot-on recreation of the article of clothing.

According to the Regina Leader-Post, this sweater is one of his favourites and was a wedding gift from his mother-in-law's sister.

The donut is meant to show appreciation for the top doctor and everything he does to keep the province safe.

At the end of January, people protested COVID-19 restrictions outside of Dr. Shahab's home which led others to show their support and thank him.

The donut isn't available for purchase since it's just a tribute but people have replied to Tim Hortons Regina's tweet and asked to be able to buy it.

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