A Fiery Explosion Detonated Under A Toronto Bridge Last Night & Closed Bathurst (VIDEO)

Toronto Police said it was possibly caused by propane and aerosol cans.

Fire under Bathurst Street bridge in Fort York.

Fire under Bathurst Street bridge in Fort York.

A fiery explosion erupted under Bathurst Street bridge in Fort York Saturday night, causing road closures and prompting a Toronto Fire investigation.

Toronto Police Service (TPS) told Narcity they were called to Bathurst Street and Fort York Boulevard at 11:11 p.m. on November 26.

"The cause of the explosion was possible propane and aerosol cans, and there were no injuries," said a TPS spokesperson.

Bathurst Street was closed down following the explosion and reopened at 12:43 a.m., according to TPS.

Footage of the explosion has been posted to social media, showcasing the fire underneath the bridge, which erupted in an audible bang.

A closer view of the explosion posted to Twitter shows cars tentatively driving on the bridge moments before the explosion detonated underneath it.

After the explosion goes off, several cars turn around on the street to drive the other way while other drivers quickly speed across the bridge despite the flames still raging beneath it.

Toronto Fire told Narcity that they are still investigating the cause of the fire and that it is too early in the investigation to speculate a cause.

Toronto Fire was called to the scene at 11:10 p.m. and put out the fire when they arrived.

A spokesperson from Toronto Fire said it is "impossible" to say whether or not the explosion was man-made at this time.

"We can't speculate at this time. There was nobody on the scene when we got there," said a Toronto Fire spokesperson. "So they [investigators] will review the evidence they find at the scene, they will track down some camera footage in the area if there is any and then try and make a determination from there."

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.