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The Original Adamson Barbecue Location Has Reportedly Never Had A License To Operate

And reportedly hasn't since it opened in 2016.

Following several anti-mask protests, it has been revealed that Adamson Barbecue's original location in Toronto's Leaside reportedly never held a business license.

According to the Toronto Star, the location has been operating improperly for the past four years. 

But the Star also claims that Adam Skelly, the owner of Adamson Barbecue, has only paid $800 in fines as a result.

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$25,000 Maximum fine for an individual operating a business without a license

That's less than the cost of obtaining and renewing a license over the course of five years and far less than the $25,000 maximum fine for individuals who are convicted of operating without a business license, according to the Star.

The cost of obtaining and renewing a license for five years is approximately $1,750, according to the Star.

They reported that Skelly received two fines of $200 and $100, which he paid, and his company received a $500 fine, which was also paid.

This is far from the first time Adamson Barbecue has been in the news for allegedly breaking city laws, after Skelly himself was recently arrested and charged for keeping his Etobicoke location open in the face of a city-wide lockdown.

The Toronto Star story quotes Skelly, who reportedly said the business' lack of license is due to zoning "contradictions" between two city bylaws, one old and one new.

Skelly also said that getting a license is his "preferred solution" but it hasn't been possible as of yet.

After anti-mask protestors and reporters alike flooded to the Adamson Barbecue's Etobicoke location, the Toronto Star also reported that the Etobicoke location did not have a business license either.

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