'Chucky' Has Been Spotted Filming In Toronto So If You See A Killer Doll Don't Freak Out

You may have spotted the little maniac in the Distillery District.

Jennifer Tilly, Don Mancini and Jacob Breedon on set. Right: CN Tower.

Jennifer Tilly, Don Mancini and Jacob Breedon on set. Right: CN Tower.

One of the world's most feared killer dolls is in town, and you may be in for a fright if you manage to catch a glimpse of Chucky'sseason two set.

Toronto Filming reports that the second season of Chucky was recently spotted filming in the Distillery District in a tweet posted on June 5.

"#Chucky has been slashing his way through the distillery district!" reads the tweet.

Toronto Filming also reported that along with the code name "Songbird," Chucky's season two is using code words "MovieBird" and "SlasherRipper."

The horror series was also spotted filming at the Sheridan Centre in Mississauga, according to a tweet Toronto Filming reposted on June 4.

"#Chucky aka Songbird has taken over the Sheridan Centre for another year," reads the tweet.

Jennifer Tilly, who plays the iconic Tiffany Valentine in the Chucky films and TV series, has been feeding fans with season two updates, from documenting Chucky's flight to Toronto to posting the behind-the-scenes antics of the cast and crew on Instagram.

On June 6, Tilly shared a video on Instagram with some BTS footage of herself and two stunt doubles getting their makeup done for a day of filming.

"It is early morning on the Chucky set. We get up at the crack of dawn to bring your premium Chucky content," Tilly teases before introducing the other cast and crew members in what appears to be a makeup trailer.

Tilly also posted a photo of herself and the series creator, Don Mancini, back to back on June 4 with the caption, "Squaring off against @realdonmancini on the set of #chucky2!"

On May 31, Tilly shared another mildly terrifying behind-the-scenes shot of herself, Mancini and Jacob Breedon, who was still in costume, to Instagram with the caption, "Modern family."

According to the City of Toronto, the spooky series will be filming in the 6ix all summer long until August 29, so if you're lucky, you may be able to spot some of the cast yourself downtown.

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a contributing writer for Narcity Media based in Toronto, Ontario.