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6 Times Doug Ford Has Supported & Mirrored Trump Throughout The Years

"Full disclosure: I’m a big Republican."

As the premier of Ontario, it's not surprising that Doug Ford has had some contact with the President of the United States. 

However, it turns out that Ford has actually supported Donald Trump throughout the years. 

Doug has mentioned in the past that he respects Trump and "loved" listening to some of his speeches. 

Despite the love that the premier has thrown Trump's way, it's also important to remember that there have been some feuds. 

The pair's respect for each other began to crack after Ford discovered the president had stopped a huge shipment of PPE equipment during Ontario’s first wave of COVID-19.

"I’m not going to rely on President Trump, or any prime minister or president of any other country again," the premier said at the time.

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That Time When Ford Expressed His Unwavering Support For Trump

It seems that the premier has some respect for the leader of the south.

Ford responded "absolutely" when questioned if he was still a supporter of Donald Trump during his controversial 2016 presidential campaign.

Ford And Trump Have Both Attacked The Media 

Ford once referred to the media as “a bunch of liars” that “want blood” during an interview with Toronto Life back in 2018.

Calling out the media has been something that Trump is known for over the course of his presidential campaign.

Doug Ford Admitted He Is A 'Big Republican' 

On his trip to the United States back in 2019, Ford shared his American side.

The premier stated "God bless the President and don’t get me wrong. Full disclosure: I’m a big Republican.”

When Doug Ford Gushed Over Trump's State Of The Union Address

Ford admitted that he "loved listening" to Trump's State of the Union address while criticizing Nancy Pelosi for ripping his speech behind him.

"I was disappointed when I saw Nancy Pelosi get up there and start tearing the speech up. That’s uncalled for. I think it’s a shame, it’s a real, real, real shame."

That Time Ford Sent His Best Wishes To Trump And The First Lady

In a rare occurrence, since their feud first kick-off back in April, Ford wished Trump and the first lady a quick recovery after news broke that they had contracted COVID-19.

"I’ve had my differences with President Trump – I’ve called him out – but believe me, I wouldn’t want this to happen to my worst enemy,” Ford stated.

“We may have our political differences but I'm praying for all of them to get better soon.”

When The Two Of Them Had Lunch Together

Ford and Trump ate lunch together at his hotel in Washington, D.C., during the 2018 NAFTA visit in Washington.

Ford was reportedly quite pleased to accept the invitation.