Goran Dragić Opened Up About Why He Left The Raptors & Said They Couldn't Get Along

It just wasn't working out.

Goran Dragić Opened Up About Why He Left The Raptors & Said They Couldn't Get Along

To say Goran Dragić's brief time with the Raptors was rocky would be an understatement, but at least the 35-year-old is finally clearing the air about what went down between him and the franchise.

Dragić, who signed with the Brooklyn Nets this week, opened up to Sportsnet about his experiences during an introductory press conference for the team on Wednesday.

"It's been a unique situation this year for me. Unfortunately, we couldn't get along in Toronto, they said they wanted to go young. They didn't see me to be part of that team," said Dragić.

"We talked and they said 'look we're going to trade you,' [...] and we agreed that I'll go home to be with my family and my kids until everything resolves."

The Slovenian player found himself in hot water with the Raptors from the beginning after telling a reporter that Toronto was not his "preferred destination" because of his "higher ambitions."

Dragić later tried to smooth things over with his teammates by repeatedly apologizing for the remark, which seemed to work at that time.

However, it was announced in November that he'd be leaving the team indefinitely to deal with "a personal matter."

"I don't have hard feelings towards them," he continued, "I wish them all the best. We play against them twice in the next weeks so it's going to be interesting," he added.

The Raptors announced earlier this month that they would be trading Dragić to acquire Thaddeus Young from the San Antonio Spurs.

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