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A Huge Tornado Caused Chaos At Cottages In Ontario On Tuesday (PHOTOS)

There have been multiple tornado sightings this month.

A region in Ontario was blown away on Tuesday. A Kawartha Lakes tornado ripped through the area during a severe rainstorm. Since then, photos of a damaged boathouse and knocked down trees have appeared online. 

According to the Weather Network, at least one tornado touched down in southern Ontario on Tuesday. 

It was estimated that the funnel stayed on the ground for about three to four minutes. 

While no injuries were reported, the wake of the storm caused some major damages. 

Environment Canada has confirmed the tornado but has yet to give it an EF rating. 

"Videos and pictures via social media received by the Ontario Storm Prediction Centre confirm a tornado occurred today at Sturgeon Lake around 3:00 pm EDT, and tracked north through Sturgeon Point and likely north beyond this," read their statement. 

Severe thunderstorms and heat warnings were issued across the area throughout the day. 

The storms were expected to bring high winds and even hail, along with heavy rain.

A video from Sturgeon Point, Ontario shows a massive and dark v-shaped cloud swirling around on the horizon of the lake. 

A boathouse on the shoreline in the area was later captured completely torn apart. 

"It hit our dock. Our boathouse roof has been torn off, but everyone is safe," a resident of the region tweeted

More photos from the area emerged, showing the same dark mass in the sky.

One video from Pleasant Point shows the twister touching down on land and completely destroying property.

However, this isn't the first twister that has blown through the region recently.

Two of them touched down near London, Ontario earlier this month, which also tore apart some neighbourhoods. 

In fact, it has been reported that tornadoes in Ontario can get pretty extreme, so always be sure to keep an eye on your local weather.