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Kingston Police Busted A Huge Party At Queen's University & Almost 60 People Were Charged

Fines issued are currently over $100K and could amount to even more.

Toronto Associate Editor
Kingston Police Busted A Huge Party At Queen's University & Almost 60 People Were Charged

The unofficial party police, or officially Kingston Police, broke up a massive house party in the Queen's University district over the weekend.

Kingston Police posted a news release on September 28 detailing how they were called down to a house party at 11:30 p.m. on September 24 in the 100-block of Alfred Street just south of Johnston Street, where loud music blared and fireworks were being launched from the home's backyard.

Police and bylaw officers saw somewhere between 30 to 40 people fleeing from the backyard and others running around the back deck and through the door.

"A police supervisor then declared the gathering as being an aggravated nuisance party," officials wrote. The tenants of the house and the partygoers faced a grand total of 59 aggravated nuisance party administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) at $2,000 a pop.

Three men were initially arrested for obstructing the police by giving them fake names. One of them was taken to the police station and faced an extra $500 AMP for doing so.

Right now, the potential total of all of the fines racks up to about $118,500, but the tenants of the house are still facing later charges for hosting a large gathering that exceeds the current limits laid out by the provincial government.

Those particular fines carry a minimum fine of $10,000 each, which could then amount to a grand total of $200,000 in penalties and fines.

Police and bylaw enforcement responded to 210 noise complaints this past weekend.

Earlier this month, Kingston Police responded to frosh week parties where 3,500 to 5,000 people were reported out on the streets at any given time.

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