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Kingston Police Cracked Down On Massive Parties Near Queen's University Last Weekend

Kingston Police charged over $110,000 worth of fines this weekend.

Kingston Police Cracked Down On Massive Parties Near Queen's University Last Weekend

Partiers near Queen's University are not slowing down any time soon with another weekend of massive crowds.

Kingston Police posted a news release on September 7 addressing their enforcement of the University District Safety Initiative (UDSI) this past long weekend, when massive crowds partied in the University District.

Kingston police report that from Friday night to Tuesday morning, crowds "ranging from 3,500 to 5,000 individuals at various times" racked up an impressive amount of infractions.

The long list includes 106 noise complaints, 53 fines for open liquor, seven Highway Traffic Act violations, one arrest and charge for public intoxication and three administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) for amplified noise.

Kingston Police Chief Antje McNeely says they are "witnessing an increasingly concerning trend of unlawful high-risk gathering."

"Such disrespect for the rights of others is unconscionable. Besides putting everyone in our community at risk with the COVID virus still very much a concern, the invasion of our streets and parks by irresponsible revellers shows a disappointing lack of maturity. The unsafe crowds and wanton and reckless behaviour place an inexcusable strain on resources for all community partners, whether police, by-law, paramedics, or hospital staff."

Bylaw enforcement reported that 11 people were given a court summons for hosting illegal social gatherings, which carry a minimum fine of $10,000. Enforcement also reported $7,000 in penalty notices and 35 issued AMPS.

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