Olivia Wilde Was Seen Dancing Her Heart Out At A Harry Styles Toronto Concert (VIDEOS)

She joined in on a line dance that took over the crowd!

Olivia Wilde dancing in Toronto.

Olivia Wilde dancing in Toronto.

Olivia Wilde was supporting Harry Styles at his Toronto concert on August 16 — and the famous actress and director did not come to play.

Wilde was watching the show in a sectioned-off area in the pit of Scotiabank Arena this past Tuesday, according to a tweet, and based on several social media posts, it looked like she had a fabulous time.

A fan at the concert managed to capture a video of Wilde dancing and posted it to TikTok with the caption, "olivia wilde just having the best time at the harry styles concert night 2 in Toronto."

@furhansconcerts olivia wilde just having the best time at the harry styles concert night 2 in Toronto #TPWK#loveontour#fyp#furhansconcerts♬ original sound - furhansconcerts

Wilde was wearing a long black skirt and an orange cropped t-shirt as she danced along to Styles's song Treat People With Kindness.

Although Wilde wasn't just busting her own moves — in the video Wilde joined in on a seemingly impromptu line dance in the pit and enthusiastically participated alongside her beau's fans.

Another video of Wilde dancing was posted to TikTok. This time, she was seen sporting a feather boa, a fan favourite accessory of choice, with many fans rocking them at Styles's Toronto show on August 15.

Styles and Wilde reportedly started their romance while filming Don't Worry Darling,directed by Wilde and starring Styles, according to U.S Magazine.

According to U.S Magazine, it's not the first time Wilde has attended one of Styles's Love On Tour concerts, so fans might be able to spot her dancing in the crowd on future tour dates!

Brooke Houghton
Brooke Houghton is a Creator for Narcity Media focused on celebrity news and is based in Toronto, Ontario.