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Ontario Car Thief Reportedly Speeds Down Road With A Man Dangling From The Hood (VIDEO)

"We are thankful for our sales rep to be alive today."

An Ontario dealership says they are thankful their sales representative is alive after he was run down during a car theft.

According to London Police Services, the incident took place on March 3 at around 5:40 p.m. on Oxford Street East. 

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The suspect, described as a dark-skinned male around 5-foot 8-inches with a thin build, reportedly came into the Sport Motors dealership inquiring about a 2018 BMW M4.

However, things quickly took a turn.

In the video, the suspect is seen plowing the vehicle into an employee before attempting to speed off with the victim hanging onto the hood of the car.

The victim hangs onto the car as it continues to speed down the road. 

"He told our sales rep that he had to make a phone call. He was given the privacy to call, our sales rep stood close by in front of the vehicle," the car dealership said in a statement.

"The suspect floors the vehicle towards the sales rep hitting him falling on the hood," it added.

The victim managed to slide off the car and was later transported to the hospital with minor injuries. 

"We are thankful for our sales rep to be alive today."

Anyone with further information is asked to contact the London Police Service at (519) 661-5670.