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It's 'Quite Possible' For Ontario To Hit 20K New Cases Per Day By Mid-February

"If we do not follow these restrictions, COVID-19 will continue to aggressively spread."

One of the province's top doctors is warning residents we need to make changes if we want to curb the spread of Ontario COVID-19 cases.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Dr. Brown, the dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, stated that it's "quite possible" Ontario will see 20,000 new daily cases by mid-February if there is 5% growth of cases.

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If we do hit the 5% level of growth, which is quite possible, we'll be looking at over 20,000 cases a day.  Adalsteinn Brown

Dr. Brown restated that this high number would only be possible if Ontario sees a 5% growth of cases per day. 

Currently, the province is seeing between 3% to 5%. 

However, if we get to a consistent 7% growth, which Ontario has seen on occasion, the province could even face 40,000 cases per day. 

Dr. Brown warned that it is important more than ever for Ontarians to follow social distancing rules. 

"There remains a substantial number of Ontarians, who are not following restrictions and their actions will undo the hard work and effort of those Ontarians who do," he said. 

"If we do not follow these restrictions, COVID-19 will continue to aggressively spread before vaccines have the chance to protect us."

Last week, the premier announced that new modelling data will make residents "fall off their chair."

Ford will announce additional measures Tuesday at 1 p.m. which could reportedly include another state of emergency. 

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As of September 22, Ontario vaccine certificates will officially come into effect across the province. This means that residents will need to show proof of vaccination to get into multiple establishments including restaurants and gyms.

We asked you on Instagram what you wanted to know about the new certificates and have answered all your questions below.

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