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Gas station.

Gas station.

Ontario gas prices are back at it again, and this weekend they're set to break records that may make you want to hide your wallet and throw away your keys.

Dan McTeague, gas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, predicted in a tweet posted on June 2 that gas prices will rise three cents per litre this Saturday following a five-cent increase on Friday, bringing prices to 211.9 cents per litre in most of southern Ontario.

McTeague says this increase will be "a record" for Toronto and the GTA and in Ottawa, Barrie, Kitchener, Hamilton, and London.

So if you get a call from your bank this weekend after filling up your tank for suspicious activity on your card, you can tell them it's not you that's spending strangely – it's just gas prices.

According to Gas Wizard, all of Ontario's listed areas will be charging over 200 cents per litre this upcoming Saturday and the cheapest area to fill up in will be Thunder Bay, with prices set to stay the same at 209.5 cents per litre.

If you're looking to find a deal elsewhere, the next two most affordable areas will be Peterborough, with prices anticipated to rise 14 cents to 209.9 cents per litre and London, with prices set to rise three cents to 210.9 cents per litre.

The most expensive area to fill up in will be Sudbury, with prices expected to rise to a whopping 220.9 cents per litre following an eight-cent increase.

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