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A gas station in Toronto

A gas station in Toronto

Anyone who's got a big drive ahead of them tomorrow will want to fill up today or risk facing the wrath of the ever-fluctuating beast known as Ontario gas prices.

Dan McTeague, gas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, told Narcity that gas prices could increase by 8 cents on Friday, bringing totals to 174.9 cents per litre for areas like Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, and Niagara. Gas prices in Barrie could also go up to 173.9 cents per litre.

The spike is set to follow Thursday's one-cent hike and marked the highest parts of the province have seen all week.

Tomorrow's bad news will hardly be universal, as spots like Cornwall and Thunder Bay aren't expected to record any change, leaving their totals at 164.9 and 162.9 cents per litre, respectively.

Even Peterborough, which regularly records much cheaper gas prices, will see its pumps skyrocket by 10 cents. However, totals are only set to reach 172.6 cents per litre, so it can still flex on Toronto.

As for what the worst place to fill up will be, Sudbury once again takes the cake. The northern city is only set to see a 5-cent increase tomorrow, but it'll still be enough to bump totals to 181.6 cents per litre. Yikes.

Motorists could see a glimmer of hope this weekend though, as McTeague told Narcity that weekend evenings offer slightly lower prices due to gas bars losing some of their retail margins for a few hours.

"Many stations part with some of their 7-9 cent a litre retail margin which is included in the price, to attract more volumes of sales when traffic slows down," he said.

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