8 Ways You Can Save Money On Gas If You're Planning A Road Trip In Ontario This Summer

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Driving in Ontario. Right: Filling a car up with gas.
Toronto Associate Editor

Driving in Ontario. Right: Filling a car up with gas.

Drivers know all too well the heartbreak that comes at the gas station these days, as gas prices in Ontario creep up at around $2 a litre.

CAA South Central Ontario revealed in a new poll that the rising prices of gas have put a damper on road trip plans this year.

Over 75% of surveyors said they have a road trip planned within Ontario while less than a quarter of respondents are setting off south of the border to the U.S. According to CAA SCO, 64% said gas prices will likely affect their road trip plans, with some travellers planning around the costs and others limiting the number of trips they take this year.

So, how can you save money on gas?

Well, there are eight tips that CAA SCO gave, and first things first, is to try not to start your car until you absolutely have to as they said it will "loosen up" as you motor around.

Another gas guzzler is unnecessary idling, so CAA SCO suggests turning off your car whenever you're going to be waiting longer than what you would be at a stoplight.

Also, don't do any "jackrabbit" starts and hard brakes, instead, gradually accelerate and slow down as you drive.

When you're going on a long trip, turn on cruise control to stay at the speed you're going on so you can "get more distance out of your fuel tank".

Try not to crank the A/C right away as soon as you hop in your car. Instead, slowly cool off the car by rolling down all of the windows and then eventually turning the air conditioning on.

"Close your windows and sunroof when highway driving, and use a window shade when the car is parked to help keep the vehicle cooler," they added, as another tip to keep your car cool.

Two other fuel-saving tips the insurance company offered include planning your route to prevent any unnecessary driving, and keeping your tires filled up to the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

And, if you're a CAA member you can save three cents a litre right at the pumps if you're fuelling up at a Shell gas station.

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