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A Shell gas station.

A Shell gas station.

Drivers who can hold off until hump day to refill their tanks will be better off this week, thanks to an incoming drop in Ontario gas prices.

Gas Wizard predicts that most of the province will see a decrease of 2 to 3 cents by Wednesday, bringing totals down to 163.9 cents per litre for spots like Toronto, Windsor, Ottawa and Kingston.

The positive change comes after a brief stall in fluctuations, which saw prices hold firm at 166.9 for three days.

Of course, not all regions are created equal in the eyes of the Ontario gas gods, so there are a few notable exceptions.

Peterborough, a city that regularly claims the title of "Ontario's cheapest place for gas," is set to see its pumps drop to a blissful 156.6 cents per litre.

Sudbury is on the other end of the spectrum and frequently has some of the highest gas prices in the province. The area is in for a laughable 0.3-cent decrease on Wednesday, bringing its totals to 174.3 cents per litre.

Do you want to save more on gas? Dan McTeague, analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, recently shared a bunch of tips with Narcity, including the slightly contrary recommendation of keeping your vehicle's windows up during the summer.

"If on highways and it's hot, it might be better to keep windows up and A.C. on as drag reduces mileage," he said.

It also never hurts to stay updated on predictions, as timing is everything in today's gas climate. Don't get caught sleeping, friend.

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