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Ontario Is Going To Stop Sending Letters Reminding You When To Renew Your Licence

This goes for health cards too!

Toronto Associate Editor
Ontario Is Going To Stop Sending Letters Reminding You When To Renew Your Licence

If your driver's licence, health card, or licence plate stickers are set to expire soon in Ontario, you may want to check your inbox for a reminder over your mailbox.

According to the provincial government, they are going to stop mailing out renewal notices soon in favour of opt-in digital reminders to Ontarians.

In a separate news release, Ontario reveals that anyone who has a driver's licence, health card, or licence plate stickers set to expire on or after March 1, 2022, will no longer be getting a reminder in their mailbox to go in and renew it (though there are some exceptions to the rule.)

"Our government is taking another big step in our digital first approach by shifting away from snail mail to a modern alternative, saving taxpayer dollars and eliminating excess paper waste. Providing Ontarians with digital reminders is a fast and convenient way to ensure that they don't miss their renewal deadlines," Government and Consumer Services Minister Ross Romano said in the announcement.

The Ontario government adds that switching to digital reminders will save the province $29 million over the next five years, which will be reinvested into other programs like education. Plus, they add it will have some major benefits to the environment by saving about 80 million pieces of paper.

ServiceOntario will also have over 40 services available online at all times during the day, and online renewal of accessible parking permits and Ontario photo cards will also be a service provided.

Some people will still get mailed reminders & here's who

All Ontarians who had their health cards, driver's licences, or licence plate stickers expire on or after March 1, 2020, were able to get temporary extensions due to the pandemic and will soon get their last letters in the mail letting them know it's time to hit up ServiceOntario to renew.

Besides that, some Ontarians will be receiving mailed renewal notices for this upcoming March.

Here's who will still get mailed notices for anyone whose driver's licence or licence plate stickers are set to expire soon:

  • Anyone 70-years-old and older
  • Those with a driver's licence class of A, B, C, D, E, or F
  • Anyone with endorsements that need additional testing, like an airbrake
  • Anyone who has a licence plate sticker tied with a company or fleet vehicle
  • Anyone who jointly owns a vehicle
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles.

Here's who will still get notices in the mail about when their health cards are set to expire:

  • Anyone 16-years-old and under
  • Anyone 70-years-old and older
  • Anyone who lives remotely or in a far-off community (and there's no ServiceOntario in-person branch nearby), where renewals are done through the mail
  • Anyone who is in a publicly funded long-term care home where renewals are carried out by mail or by fax
  • Anyone with a health card that has a definite end date.

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