An Ontario Winery Has A Blind Tasting & You Can See If You Have Any Sommelier Skills

There is also a sparkling pink tour.🍾🍷

Blind tasting out of black wine glasses. Right: Photo wall in the Niagara winery Trius Tour.
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Blind tasting out of black wine glasses. Right: Photo wall in the Niagara winery Trius Tour.

If you think you're a wine expert, there's a way you can put your tastebuds to the test at a winery near Toronto. Trius Winery in Niagara may be now known for its bubbly pink wine tour, but they have tons of things to do for vino lovers.

The Black Glass Challenge is a blind tasting with, you guessed it, black wine glasses, so you're kept in the dark about what you're drinking until the first sip.

You might be up for the challenge if you think you could be a sommelier. The high-end tasting experience takes place in The Loft room of the winery, a private tasting area, where you'll be led through the wine tasting. You'll get three pre-selected, specialty wines where you can sniff and sip to guess which ones are in front of you.

If this sneaky tasting isn't up your alley, you can either book a traditional tasting or if you're a fan of bubbly, you can opt for their signature sparkling flight. The sparkling wine tasting comes with three different wines to sip on and is paired with tasty treats like cannoli, strawberry macarons and some cheesy snacks.

You can keep the winery experience going with The Trius Tour, which is likely the most Instagrammable wine tour in the province. Not only can you snap some pics, but you will also get to visit Canada's largest underground sparkling wine cellar.

Trius Winery

Price: Black Glass Challenge $28, The Trius Tour $45 per person

Address: 1249 Niagara Stone Rd., Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Why You Need To Go: Whether you want to boost your Instagram with a pretty pink wine tour, sample sparkling wine paired with treats or test your sommelier skills during a blind tasting, you can do all of the above at this Niagara winery.


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