It looks like eating out might not be the worse thing. At a Thursday press conference, Premier Doug Ford stated that bars and restaurants aren't the main cause of growing COVID-19 numbers.

Ford stated that large parties and gatherings are the culprits when it comes to the spike in cases the province is seeing.

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It's not the bars, it's not the restaurants, it's coming from large gatherings, be it weddings or parties or wherever.

Doug Ford

"We have to keep our eye on the ball. [...] I just ask people out there in those large regions, guys, avoid parties."

This comes after the premier voiced his support on Wednesday for a possible shuttering of bars and restaurants at John Tory's discretion.

The premier has spoken out about the trouble with house parties multiple times already, which was reaffirmed in today's announcement.  

Ahead of the long weekend, Ford stated that the province "won't hesitate to shut it down" and asked residents to snitch on their neighbours if they saw them partying.