Ontario PSWs Will Be Getting A Temporary Raise For Even Longer This Fall

It will be the third extension since last year.

PSW Wage Increase In Ontario Has Been Extended Until The Fall

The Ontario government announced today that personal support workers will continue to receive a temporary wage increase this fall.

According to a press release, Ontario is investing an additional $169 million to continue extending wage increases until October 31, 2021. The last extension was put into place on June 11 and was set to expire on August 23.

"Since the outset of the pandemic, personal support workers and direct support workers have been critical in supporting some of our most vulnerable patients," said Christine Elliott, minister of health.

"As we head into the fall, ensuring Ontario's personal support workers are supported will ensure patients continue to receive the high-quality care they need."

Who will receive it?

The temporary wage extension will impact over 158,000 workers "who deliver publicly funded personal support services or direct support services in hospitals, long-term care, home and community care and social services," according to the press release.

Eligible workers in home and community care, long-term care and those who work with children, community and social services providing personal support will continue to receive a $3 raise until October 31.

Eligible workers in public hospitals will continue to receive $2 temporary wage increases.

Since the initial temporary wage increase in October 2020, the Ontario government has invested over $1 billion for PSWs and direct support workers and extended the temporary wage increase three times.

Are these wage increases going to be permanent?

Premier Doug Ford said in a press conference on July 5 that the pay increase for PSWs would stay in place permanently.

"It's a guarantee, we're going to do it," said Ford.

However, no official statement has been released confirming the permanent extension.

According to the press release, the province "will continue to review the wage increase to inform its next steps to ensure this important investment will bring the greatest stability and support for Ontario's personal support workers and direct support workers."

Brooke Houghton
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