One local resident is bringing the nightlife of Toronto to your screens but not in the way you might think.

Jason Leaver, a local filmmaker, is taking on the task of creating a raccoon video game that lets you experience the life of a trash panda in the 6ix.

In clips of the game, which he calls Trash Panda, Leaver showcases how you can walk down the streets of the city and knock over trash bins throughout the night, which is every raccoon's dream.

"The idea [for Trash Panda] struck me one evening when I was taking out the trash! I think earlier that day I was playing around that fantastic raccoon character asset that I purchased quite some time ago. So, when garbage night and a cute animated raccoon came together in my mind, it felt like a eureka moment," Leaver continued.

The game, which he hopes could be out in time for summer, was partly inspired by Leaver's own run-ins with the city's infamous critters. When asked about his experience with the Toronto animals, Leaver told Narcity that his "daughter's favourite one is probably the time a mother raccoon and her two cubs took up residence under her treehouse."

While it is still in the works, Leaver states he wants to make it as "Toronto as it can be."