The University Of Toronto Has Just Ranked The Best In Canada For So Many Programs

The school ranked on top for nursing, business and more.

Toronto Staff Writer
The University Of Toronto Has Just Ranked The Best In Canada For So Many Programs

The University of Toronto has ranked the best in Canada across various programs after a hard-fought battle against some of the country's most prestigious post-secondary schools.

According to Maclean's 2022 University Ranking, U of T ranked or tied for first place in multiple programs including nursing, business, computer science, education and engineering.

When it comes to best business and education programs, it was a close battle, with both U of T and the University of British Columbia tying for first.

The University of Toronto also tied for first place with UBC and Alberta when it comes to nursing.

U of T is also tied with The University of Waterloo and UBC for best computer science program ranking.

However, when it comes to engineering, Toronto was the only school to come out on top.

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