These Ontario Cities Ranked In The Top 10 Best Places To Live In Canada For Quality Of Life

You might actually be able to afford a home after all.

Barrie, Ontario during the winter. Right: The township of Elora in Wellington County.

Barrie, Ontario during the winter. Right: The township of Elora in Wellington County.

These days, Ontario cities tend to be first on the chopping block when looking for an affordable place to live in Canada. But despite people having to rack in well over $4,000 a month to survive solo in the province's go-to hubs, there are a few affordable nooks and crannies still lurking about.

A recent study by Moving Waldo ranked three Ontario cities on its list of best places to live in Canada, with the company's zeroing in on each area's quality of life and the average cost of living.

Deep River, Ontario, took the 4th place spot on Moving Waldo's list. The town's low monthly cost of living, $2,793, and home prices, which sell for an average of $370,000, give it a serious edge over places in the province.

The company also praised the region for being the best for "outdoor activities."

Ontario doesn't make Moving Waldo's list again until the 9th place slot, which belongs to Barrie, Ontario. The lakeside city's large population, 147,829, has yet to force residents to pay as much as their neighbours in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for rent.

Barrie's average house cost is $705,000, with its typical monthly rent for a one-bedroom sitting around $1,593. The list also praises the city for being great for art enthusiasts and raising families.

Last but not least on the list is Wellington County, Ontario, an area whose average monthly rental sits 48% lower than the provincial standard. Touted above all as "a safe place," the city has a crime rate that is 38% lower than most of Ontario.

"Wellington County is among the top 25 percentiles of any city in all 3 categories: low crime, low unemployment, and healthy population growth," an excerpt from the report reads.

Overall, the list will spark hope to anyone looking to put down roots in the province without winning the lottery.

  1. Edmundston, New Brunswick
  2. Saguenay, Québec
  3. Lévis, Québec
  4. Deep River, Ontario
  5. Trenton, Nova Scotia
  6. Québec City, Québec
  7. Thetford Mines, Québec
  8. High River, Alberta
  9. Barrie, Ontario
  10. Wellington County, Ontario

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Patrick John Gilson
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