There are over 8,000 restaurants in Toronto and our food scene is quite extensive. From different cuisines to fine dining restaurants and fast eateries - we have it all. But have you ever wondered which is the longest standing restaurant in Toronto? You've probably passed it a couple of times and maybe even had a couple of beers there before.

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The Wheat Sheaf Tavern was built in 1849, which makes it 165 years old. This watering hole carries plenty of history and has always been a hot spot in this city. It was a popular tavern for housing labourers, soldiers and a hotel as well; but let me tell you it hasn't change much because it attracts several Torontonians and tourists on a daily basis.

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The Tavern is located on the South-West corner of King and Bathurst in the Fashion District, at 667 King St.W. It's been restored a couple of times since it's birth and has been kept in great shape. The bricks are always cleaned, the Mansard roof has been repaired, the windows have no rust. The overall design of the building inside and out, vividly depicts the history behind it with features such as wooden furniture, a large chimney and fireplace, which indicate the source of heat which was used back in the day for the drinking room.

The Wheat Sheaf Tavern also holds a mystery of a hidden tunnel that dates back to the soldiers during the Fort York days. Supposedly a tunnel was dug out from Fort York to the tavern for soldiers to sneak out for drinks. No one really thinks it's true but sounds believable to me, don't you think?

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Today the The Wheat Sheaf Tavern has several TV's, making it a popular spot for Toronto sport fans. With a variety of pub grubs to munch on, a 1,200 song jukebox and multiple beers on tap - it's a perfect gathering spot. Wings are half price from Sundays - Tuesdays and the potato skins are absolutely to die for! This awesome pub should definitely be a new addition to your Toronto foodie bucket list!