Get ready for some cuteness overload, because baby foxes are popping up all over Toronto, and the pictures are too sweet to handle.

These fluffy little critters have been spotted in parks and even in backyards, and it's a sure sign of springtime in the 6ix.

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One resident discovered a rare black fox playing with its pups right outside of her door.

The animals can be seen frolicking around the yard, and they seem to have brought their dinner with them as well.

tdot_dave | Handout

As cute as these foxes are, the Toronto Wildlife Centre has asked the public to give them their space and has expressed some concern on Facebook over the safety of some pups due to crowds and visitors.

tdot_dave | Handout

Last year, a baby fox was sadly killed in an alleged dog attack after becoming accustomed to frequent visitors and their pets.

tdot_dave | Handout

If you're lucky, you may just spot one of these cuties on your next walk around the city.