Toronto Hasn't Laid Any Charges For Vaccine Certificate Rules But Warnings Have Been Given

Under the ROA you can be fined $750 and up for breaking vaccine certificate rules.

Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Hasn't Laid Any Charges For COVID-19 Vaccine Rules But Warnings Have Been Given

Ontario's vaccine certificates have been in place for one week, and so far, no charges have been laid for breaking regulations, and only a "very small number" of formal warnings have been given, according to Matthew Pegg, general manager of Toronto's Office of Emergency Management.

"I'm very pleased by the fact that a very small number of formal warnings at this point have had to be issued. We have not had to lay any charges in response to the investigations that have been completed. I think that just speaks to the overall atmosphere and overall compliance rate that is out there," said Pegg in a COVID-19 update today.

"In general and commonly what were experiencing there is some confusion and some misunderstanding still with respect to the requirements. We are able to provide some assistance in clarifying those things and working with businesses to make sure that they have the understanding and have the tools that they need to comply."

Mayor John Tory echoed Pegg's response, saying most businesses are following laws and regulations.

"The number of businesses even the number that are speculated to be involved in these organizations that are resisting the dually implemented laws and regulations with regard to vaccination proof is actually really small, you know, compared to the total number of businesses that would exist, for example, in the city of Toronto."

"I just believe that it's very heartening that businesses who face some additional complications as a result of having to implement this vaccine-proof requirement are doing so. They're doing so with the resources they have and that the vast, vast majority of people and the vast majority of businesses are doing that."

Under the regulations of the Reopening Ontario Act (ROA), individuals who fail to comply with the rules can be fined $750, and businesses can be fined $1,000.

Brooke Houghton
Toronto Staff Writer
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