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Toronto Is One Of The Best Places To Relocate In The World Even Though It's Super Expensive

The 6ix still has loads to brag about.

Toronto Associate Editor
Toronto Is One Of The Best Places To Relocate In The World Even Though It's Super Expensive

Even though Toronto is one of the most expensive places to live across Canada, it is still a city that people want to move to.

According to a recent study by, Toronto is one of the highest-ranked Canadian cities to relocate to (but also noted that it is one of the more pricy choices, too.)

The report determined its rankings by considering the following key factors: number of restaurants and green space, how quick the internet speed is, how much residents make each month, how much it costs to live there, what the weather is like (average temperature and annual precipitation), and the average life expectancy.

Their findings were then broken down to overall best cities to relocate to, the priciest and the cheapest places to move to, the cities with the best weather, and then the top coastal destinations.

The 6ix broke the top 60 overall best cities to move to and it was the second-highest in all of Canada at 56. Calgary snagged that gold medal for Canada and placed 13 spots higher than Toronto at 43rd.

However, the 6ix came out in 28th for one of the most expensive cities to move to. Ontario's latest calculations of how much Torontonians should be making an hour in order to make a living in the city racked out to be CA$22.08 per hour, which comes nowhere near close to the province's current minimum wage rates.

Even though it is one of the least affordable places to live in across the continent, Toronto does have a lot to brag about. Based on the findings from the World Best Cities report, the 6ix was chosen as the 18th primo destination across the globe due to its diversity, economic growth and education.

The 6ix is also considered to be the second safest city worldwide, and the top business city in the whole world for working women.

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