Toronto Police Officer Gave $450 Worth Of Parking Tickets In Minutes (VIDEO)

Each car was slapped with a $150 ticket.

Ontario Editor
Vehicles are shown parked in bike lane in Toronto.

Vehicles are shown parked in a bike lane in Toronto.

Next time you're making a quick stop in the 6ix, make sure to do it legally. A Toronto Police officer revealed just how easy it can be to get a parking ticket.

Parking Enforcement and Bicycle Patrol Officer Erin Urquhart posted a video to Twitter in which she handed out $450 worth of fines in just a couple of minutes.

In the video, she says that she came across three vehicles parked in the bike lane on Adelaide West on March 9. She said not a single driver was in sight, but there were cyclists trying to navigate around the illegally parked cars.

Within minutes, she gave each vehicle a $150 ticket, amounting to $450 total.

"Hazard lights are not meant for parking illegally. They are meant for emergencies or hazards on the road which in this case is the cars themselves," the officer stated.

Drivers can be served with a $150 ticket if they are blocking bike lanes. Urquhart has posted multiple videos in the past years showcasing the number of tickets she has given out to drivers who disobey these rules.

In December, she ticketed a delivery van that was blocking the sidewalk when there was a loading zone just down the street. "If you choose convenience over safety expect to pay the $$. Sidewalks are for people not for vehicles," she said.

According to the City of Toronto, around 2.8 million parking tickets are handed out every year across the city.

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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