A Toronto Restaurant Offers A Huge $35 Brunch With A Fruit Plate & Mimosas (VIDEO)

The Italian spot is also known for its fluffy pizzas.

Mimosa seen with a fruit plate. Right: Breakfast pizza.
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Mimosa seen with a fruit plate. Right: Breakfast pizza.

If you're tired of overpaying for Toronto brunches at fancy restaurants, we've got you covered.

A Toronto TikToker has found a brunch spot on King Street that offers an amazing deal for $35, which includes a mimosa, a platter of fresh fruit and a breakfast item of your choice!

Justine Falconi's video of her Sunday brunch date with her friends has now gone viral for all the right reasons, as she raves about her experience at The Parlour in the city's west end.


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"A $35 brunch in Toronto? Pretty sure I thought that was unheard of," she said in her video.

Falconi said she ordered a mimosa, a fruit plate for the table and a breakfast pizza for herself.

A representative of The Parlour confirmed to the Narcity that there is currently a brunch deal of $35 per person during the weekends for big parties, usually of 12 and more.

"[But] if anyone is ever interested in doing the $35 menu, I wouldn't be opposed to offering that as well," she said, referring to smaller parties that visit the restaurant.

The representative echoed Falconi's experience and said that the deal includes one alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, a fruit board for the table, and any brunch item from the menu.

The Parlour opened its doors in Toronto in 2019, with its original roots in Vancouver.

This is its first location in Ontario, and it's known for its fluffy pizzas and hidden beauty parlour, which acts as a powder room and offers an exclusive spot for mirror selfies.

The Parlour

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Brunch, Italian

Address: 642 King St W, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can indulge in a fun brunch scene in Toronto for only $35. Their brunch menu includes eggs benedict, short rib and eggs skillet, and french toast with brioche.


Rhythm Sachdeva
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