Toronto TikToker Said She Was Assaulted Outside Starbucks & 'Fascinated' By Stranger Reactions

"They didn't say anything to the guy."

A Toronto TikToker talking about her experience being assaulted in downtown Toronto.
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A Toronto TikToker talking about her experience being assaulted in downtown Toronto.

A Toronto woman posted a TikTok video sharing an incident that now has her worried about going outside on her own.

On Thursday, Brigitte Truong posted her initial reaction to the incident on TikTok, with the video reaching over 130,000 views already. In the video, Truong said she was "assaulted" outside a Starbucks at Richmond and Spadina in downtown Toronto while wearing a backless body suit, which, she tells Narcity, could have made her a "target to begin with."

The content creator and multimedia host says she was just grabbing a coffee, and then headed northbound out of the Starbucks when she felt a "massive slam" on her back that "jolted" her forward.

Truong then turned around and found a man right outside the door who "had just thrown a full, like pop takeout cup..." at her.


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"I was just drenched, and I looked down and there was the drink everywhere," she tells Narcity. "I was just so disoriented and shocked because I was not expecting that. And he looked incredibly angry as though I had done something to him."

Truong described asking concerned onlookers if she did something, saying that the man was "very angry" and "yelling things" at her.

A woman on the street was shocked at what had happened and immediately went to help her, Truong said, adding that another female customer from inside the Starbucks ran out with napkins to wipe her down after witnessing the incident. Truong said in the TikTok video that both women assured her she did "nothing wrong" and that it was "very random."

"It was fascinating to me to see, as a very observant person, that instinctively it seems like these two women just felt like they needed to step up and come out and help me," Truong says.

Meanwhile, the content creator said in the video, "there were about three men standing outside who had all witnessed this and not a single one said anything, or did anything that didn't come over to me. They didn't say anything to the guy."

There was one man who, apparently, "saw it happen. He's looking, but there's no reaction on his face. Didn't move a muscle and these other guys, too, just kind of stood there and then crossed the street."

Truong clarified to Narcity that she was not trying to "man-bash" by pointing this out. On the contrary, she has "incredible men" in her life, but the observation did fascinate her.

Users took to the video's comment section to voice their concern and support for Truong, with some of the most liked comments being "Ppl in Toronto are out of freaking control. I’m glad you’re okay that’s so scary!" and "I’m so sorry you experienced this today...I’m glad there were other women there to help but it really speaks to the character of those men..."

One user, who identified themselves as a Toronto police officer, did comment on her video saying, "Cameras cover that entire area if you reported it. I'm glad you're okay 🙏🏼."

Truong described the suspect as a man with darker skin, dark hair, medium build and he was wearing an aqua-blue shirt.

Narcity reached out to the Toronto Police and said they received her incident report and are investigating the matter further at this point.

Truong's story comes during a time of particular attention to safety in the city, with recent incidents on the TTC putting residents on edge.

Mira Nabulsi
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