Toronto TikToker Slammed Shoppers Drug Mart & Said Prices Gave Her An 'Out Of Body Experience'

"The razor prices were insane."

Hair brushes seen in Shoppers Drug Mart. Right: Shoppers Drug Mart exterior. ​
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Hair brushes seen in Shoppers Drug Mart. Right: Shoppers Drug Mart exterior.

Shoppers Drug Mart is a go-to destination for many Canadians, offering everything from snacks to toiletries to beauty products.

But, after one Toronto TikToker, Kate, recently checked out Shoppers Drug Mart after months and was taken aback by the price markups she noticed, many viewers suggested Dollarama and even Sephora as alternatives.

"I couldn't find a body wash for under $8," she said in her video. "Like that's scary. That's a basic necessity."

With $32 for a make-up brush, make-up wipes for almost $19 and tinted moisturizer for almost $30 full price, the beauty products section was full of rude awakenings for Kate and her viewers.

"The price of NYX is repulsive... might as well go to Sephora," a top comment on her video reads. "$12 for the quo blender makes me so sad. They were $7 when I started buying them," another person commented.


at least they have sales?? 🥴 #shoppersdrugmart #beautyfinds #inflation #ontarioprices #quobeauty

Similar makeup brushes at Sephora ranged from $21 to $45, with the cheapest makeup wipes ranging from $4 to $14.

Tinted moisturizers at Sephora range from $12 to $68.

Kate found the costs of more basic amenities at Shoppers really high, too, and she called out the price gouging of moisturizers, razor blades and toothbrushes and hair brushes.

According to her video, Aveeno moisturizers were priced at $27, QUO hairbrushes at $30, and several Oral B toothbrushes at almost $30.

"The razor prices were insane; seeing $74 gave me an out-of-body experience," Kate said in her video.

Many people in the comments shared Kate's concerns about high prices at Shoppers and suggested several alternatives.

"Dollarama, Winners and Walmart. Shoppers is dead to me," one person commented. "I was going to buy L’Oréal mascara, and it was $21. I looked at Walmart, and it was $14," another person said.

One person said that the Shoppers Drug Mart prices were different in Brantford.

"Holy cow! Toronto prices are nuts! I’m Brantford; those items are likely $5 less," they wrote.

"Sounds like I need to do a road trip just to stock up on beauty supplies," Kate responded.

Shoppers Drug Mart was recently replaced by Google as Canada's most reputable brand in 2023 and was knocked down to third place.

Rhythm Sachdeva
Associate Editor
Rhythm Sachdeva was an Associate Editor for Narcity Media Group based in Toronto.